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Society Membership

Becoming a Member

The Society invites members of the Tamariki community to become members of the Tamariki Society. Before applying to be a member please read the constitution so you are familiar with the rules and your responsibilities.

You can then apply for membership or renew your current membership using the below button.

Special Character in Practice Within The Tamariki Society

Attending meetings is a great way to gain insight and experience the Tamariki Special Character in action. All parts of the Tamariki Community are expected to act with the Tamariki Special Character in mind. For the Society this means all voices in meetings are valued and heard as equals. Where possible the Society strives to reach consensus with any decision making, this means discussions can be long, but valuable. The Society has always tried to recognise that people give what they can when they can, and that different members of the community will have different strengths and interests.

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